LRE (Liquid propellant rocket development)English

LRE (Liquid propellant rocket development)English

Purpose of the Project
To achieve the highest altitude in the world for liquid propellant rockets by students.

As the current world’s highest altitude is 6.7km, LRE aims to reach over 10km by March 2024.


Why aim for the world’s highest altitude for liquid propellant rockets?
Because of the complexity of liquid propellant rocket systems, there has not been much development by students.

I thought that I would be able to acquire advanced knowledge and skills by doing this development as a student. In order to grow as engineers, we are developing liquid propellant rockets. You might think that we should just build rockets and fly them. However, we want to become world-class engineers. For this reason, we have set our sights on achieving the world’s highest altitude.


Liquid propellant rocket
Liquid propellant rockets use liquid as the oxidizer and fuel, and this method is used in JAXA’s H3 rocket and SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

Project Schedule


Currently, 15 people are working on this project.


Rocket-Rocket to reach an altitude of 10 km or more

Thrust: 2150N
Specific impulse 210 sec.
Fuel Ethanol
Oxidizer Liquid oxygen